19 Crimes
"Action Martha"

Client: 19 Crimes
Agency: Observatory Agency
Role: Creative Director
Martha Stewart has built an empire as an entrepreneur, TV personality and overall maven of all things classy, crafty and culinary. But she has never had her own action figure until now with a new promo kit for 19 Crimes.

The kit includes a bottle of 19 Crimes Martha’s Chard, coasters and the new “Action Martha” figure, which is wearing a sequined black jacket, black leather pants and metallic platform sandals, the same outfit Martha wore in the promo material for Martha's Chard. The “Action Martha” figure also comes equipped with an action figure-sized wine bottle and glass and other useful accessories like a shovel etc.

The “Action Martha” figures, done in 1:6 scale, were designed and sculpted by artist Dan Chung, who is known for creating poseable figures of celebrities, including Travis Scott.

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