Doritos x Netflix
"Live From The Upside Down"

Client: Doritos, Netflix 
Agency: Observatory Agency
Role: Creative Director
It was slated to be the greatest show Hawkins, Indiana would ever see. But, according to legend, a tour bus headed to the Doritos Music Fest ’86 crashed and all the artists on the bus disappeared into another dimension and the show was canceled... Until now.

Doritos & Netflix bring fans a musical experience like none other with “Live From The Upside Down” featuring a trio of 1980s legends — The Go-Go’s, Soft Cell and Corey Hart — plus special guest Charli XCX rocking the scariest alternate universe in the midwest to promote season 4 of Netflix’s Stranger Things.

“It was very special and it really felt like I was there… there were things falling from the sky and branches and undergrowth everywhere.” Charli XCX says.

Hart, best known for wearing his 1984 debut single, “Sunglasses at Night” and “Never Surrender,” says that the pitch for the unusual show struck him as “quintessential, innovative and cool.”

Soft Cell’s Almond is a huge fan of the show and said his teenage nephews were “crazy excited” about the idea of their uncle singing in the Upside Down. “It is such a mad thing to do that I had to accept it,”.

For the Go-Go’s, the gig was strange, but probably not the strangest, according to singer Belinda Carlisle.

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