Spotify x FC Barcelona
"Karol G"

Client: Spotify, FC Barcelona 
Agency: In-House
Role: Group Creative Director
Spotify is once again bringing together record-breaking legends from the worlds of music and football. This time, with KAROL G, the most-streamed female Latin music artist globally four years in a row on Spotify.

This shirt swap with KAROL G is celebrating those who change the game, overcome barriers, and leave a legacy for the next generation to express themselves on and off the pitch, as well as the stage.

“The heart symbol represents what became “BICHOTA” style—a moment in my life where I found strength, resilience and support,” Karol G said. “Thanks to Spotify and FC Barcelona, seeing it on the front of a shirt that inspires so much of that same energy is truly meaningful.”

KAROL G—like FC Barcelona players—has been an inspiration for fans, and her success has been key in taking Latin music to new heights worldwide. With three songs in the Spotify Billions Club, KAROL G also set a record with her album MAÑANA SERÁ BONITO, setting the single-day record for the most-streamed Latin album by a female artist. Together, Spotify and FC Barcelona will celebrate the individuality, passion, and loyalty of football and music fans alike—Barça or “BICHOTA” style.

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